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This is an example of the DSL Media Viewer window, displaying the oldest (c. 1904–5) film clip in the REJ collection, found on film stock with a 1964 edge code and labeled “stock footage.” This footage had been scanned over generations at 24 frames per second, and because it was originally hand cranked at a lower speed the action appears accelerated. The DSL Media Viewer gives users the option to view moving images at different speeds (note the “fps” selections at the top of the frame, immediately to the left of the metadata column). We recommend viewing this clip at 12 frames per second.

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The DSL Media Viewer is a custom-built Omeka plugin that integrates multimedia formats using open source libraries. For images, the plugin uses OpenSeadragon and a custom-built audio player for syncing sheet music and audio recordings. For video, the plugin uses VideoJS, as well as a custom suite of VideoJS plugins to allow for variable frame rate (fps) playbacl, frame-by-frme navigation, and SMPTE time code display.

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    Joanne Bernardi, Nora Dimmock, Josh Romphf
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    Reproduced by permission of the University of Rochester Digital Scholarship Lab and Joanne Bernardi
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    DSL & Joanne Bernardi