Loss Set Model

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This model is the end result of taking the accompanying poem and translating it into a 3D model. The poem is first translated into a set of 3D coordinates using a python script written by Aaron Tucker. After this, those points are imported into Rhino, a 3D modelling software, combined with geographical data from the Columbia Icefields in Canada, and then manipualted further by an algorithm written by Tiffany Chueng that is executed by the Rhino plugin, Grasshopper.

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Loss Sets translates poems co-written by Jordan Scott and Aaron Tucker into sculptures printed with 3D printers. The project aims to respond to the multiples of loss (physical, environmental, artistic, personal) that occur in 2016 and, as such, the poems respond to a number of topics that include ISIS’s destruction of millennium-old artwork, the melting of Canadian ice fields and sculptures, the death of loved ones, prosthetics, decaying memories. The sculptures were then built in response to these losses and guided by concerns around the future of what 3D printing, as guided by a utopian, post-capital world in which any object can be made or replaced, will be conceived of and used for.

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    Aaron Tucker
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    Reproduced by permission of Aaron Tucker, Tiffany Cheung, and Namir Ahmed
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    Aaron Tucker