New Hard Core

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“The most fun I had with [the personal synthesizer] was playing at home, in the basement. That’s where I liked to do experiments, test things out, and make recordings. It had a lucky combination of scientific repeatability and inherent chaos, and it was the perfect size to fit on my lap. That’s how I ended up being able to do very relaxed recordings like New Hard Core, from a 2005 cassette called Wiped Away, originally released on Durable Stimuli, and The Sun, The Sky, The World, from the Can’t 7″ released by Ultra Eczema, in 2006.” —Jessica Rylan, “Personal Synthesizer” in “Schematic as Score,” ed. Derek Holzer, Vague Terrain 19 (2011).
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    Can’t (7″, 2006)
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    Jessica Rylan
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    "New Hard Core" reproduced from "Wiped Away" by permission of Jessica Rylan.
  • publisher
    Ultra Eczema
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    Antwerp, Belgium
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    Jessica Rylan