Debates in the Digital Humanities

Call for General Volume Editors

Debates in the Digital Humanities is looking for a new team to edit the next general volume in the series.

The Debates in the Digital Humanities series, published in print and online by the University of Minnesota Press, highlights topics of pressing interest to the field as they emerge. General volumes are published at several-year intervals and seek to survey the full range of issues animating the field at a given moment. (For a sense of this range, see the Table of Contents for the 2012, 2016, 2019, and 2023 volumes). These volumes also reflect our interdisciplinary and international audience.

We are looking for a team that can balance a unique editorial vision with a commitment to considering the full scope of current debates in the field. Our editorial teams are intentionally inclusive, typically involving two to three people who bring diverse experiences and perspectives to their work.

We welcome proposals from editorial teams as well as from individuals. (Those who apply independently should be willing to be paired with others to form an editorial team.)

Proposals should consist of an editorial statement of roughly 500 words that describes the team’s (or individual’s) vision for volume and their sense of the field as it currently stands, as well as an additional description of their qualifications. Proposals should also include CVs for all editorial team members. Proposals should be submitted via email to both and by January 31st, 2024.

Finalists will be interviewed in Spring 2024.

Please contact Matt and Lauren with any questions about the proposal or selection process.