Bodies of Information

Intersectional Feminism and Digital Humanities

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Jacqueline Wernimont
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Elizabeth Losh

Can the digital humanities complicate the basic assumptions of tech culture, or will this body of scholarship and practices simply reinforce preexisting biases? Bodies of Information addresses this question by assembling a varied group of leading voices, showcasing feminist contributions to topics including ubiquitous computing, game studies, new materialisms, and cultural phenomena like hashtag activism, hacktivism, and campaigns against online misogyny.

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    A different version of chapter 24 by Sandra Gabriele was previously published with Natalie Z. Walschots in French as “Une vue de quelque part: Concevoir le plus vieux jeu du monde,” in Le témoignage sexuel et intime, un levier de changement social?, ed. M. N. Mensah (Montréal: Presses de l’Université du Québec, 2017). The author gratefully acknowledges PUQ’s permission to publish this version.

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